The company “Helicopters Albania” was established in 2011 by the Italian company “Helicopters Italia” which, since 1995, has been carrying out maintenance activities for the Operators of “Airbus Helicopters” helicopters operating in the territory of the Republic of Albania. The purpose is to establish a steady technical and operational structure, with Albanian employees, to provide support to helicopters in Albania.



Helicopters Albania operates a 6,000 square-meter hangar located at Rinas Airport – Tirana, it has highly specialised staff and a warehouse for spare parts.


Thanks to its infrastructure, it provides technical and maintenance support to helicopters operators in Albania and surrounding countries, Such as Montenegro, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia.


Helicopters Albania has obtained the following Approvals from Albanian CAA :

  1.  Approval nr. AL.145.001 as technical organisation performing maintenance activities on Airbus Helicopters helicopters and related engines (Turbomeca, Pratt&Whitney, Rolls Royce)
  2.  Approval nr. AL.MG.001 as technical organisation managing the Continuing Airworthiness of Airbus Helicopters helicopters and related engines.

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